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Skylights, roof window, sun tunnel or any other type, The Roof Technician will provide a solution. We are here to help you with your new skylight project. Our team of experts utilizes the latest technologies, which they are trained on each year. We install and replace skylights, sun tunnels and roof windows in sloped and/or flat roofs.   Skylights come with many accessories like blinds, remote or manually controlled, etc.

The skylights have become very popular and are a greater demand lately; therefore, we train and attend manufacturer’s seminars so that our clients get the best experience/service and products.

Proper skylight installation includes first and for most having the right size skylight and the right type of skylight on where it is being installed, flat or sloped/pitched roof.  Ice and water shield around the skylight is a must and proper flashing installation.  Note, that flashing and the gaskets are installed properly.  Lastly, shingles as well have to be installed correctly, not too close to the flashing.

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Skylight Repair


Not always skylights need to be replaced just because you see a leak.  The Roof Technician Team will assess the issue and give you an honest opinion on the condition of your Skylight.  We will make sure that you stay in your budged and skylight issue fixed.

A leaking skylight could come from:

  • In-proper Installation
  • Condensation
  • Damaged air gasket
  • Missing Shingles Around the Skylight
  • Cracks on Plastic Skylights

We offer skylight sealant service (temporary solution) and flashing replacement. Contact us today to book an in-person assessment!

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The Roof Technician is skylight contractor and servicer in the Greater Toronto Area

Skylights, roof window, sun tunnel or any other type, The Roof Technician will provide a solution.  Our team of experts utilizes the latest technologies, which they are trained on each year.

The Roof Technician is Toronto’s trusted roof repair contractor with over 15 years of experience in professional roofing contracts. In order to give our clients the best roofing experience, we continuously train our staff to be able to keep up with new technology and products that roofing business has to offer.

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From the first phone call to the completion of the job, I was very pleased! They arrived on time, worked very efficiently and got the job done to my complete satisfaction. Excellent cleanup and respect for the neighbors property. I would definitely recommend them.

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Skylight Repair Service

Any roofing company will tell you that there’s always a possibility of leaks when there is a protrusion in the roof. This “protrusion” includes skylights. Most issues with skylights result from the flashing surrounding the opening that lets moisture seep into your roof. This dampness is known to cause poor air quality in your home, water stains on the ceilings, and other destructive damage. If you feel a draft in the room with the skylight, or hear whistling winds, the skylight could be the cause. If the seal around the skylight has been compromised, airflow increases in the home – not in a good way. This problem can end up leading to water damage when it rains and increase heating and cooling costs.

Skylight Installation – Skylight Repair and Replacement

If you’re considering having a skylight installed, we can help you find the best solution for your specific needs. Not only will a skylight installation help fill your home with natural light, but you’ll also enjoy the benefits of home ventilation and solar heating. We offer skylight installation, repair and replacement services to residential and commercials in Greater Toronto, North York, Oakville, Burlington, Mississauga, Etobicoke, Richmond Hill, Vaughan and Scarborough.

Are you ready to schedule a skylight repair service or a new skylight installation in Toronto? Give us a call to go over the details with a professional. Our team of highly qualified roofing and skylight specialists is noted for delivering unrivalled results on every project. We have the expertise, experience, and equipment necessary to meet all your roofing and skylight repair, replacement, or installation needs.