Is Fall a Good Time to Install a New Roof?

If you’ve been thinking about installing a new roof, fall is a great time to do it. The weather is still nice and starting to cool off. With harsh, potentially snowy weather around the corner, having a new roof installed will ensure that your home is protected from potentially serious problems. Following are the top reasons to have a new roof installed in the fall.

Spring and Summer Months Are Tough on Roofs

Spring and summer storms often bring heavy rain and wind that can take a toll on shingles. All that sun we love so much can do a great deal of damage to old roofs too, to a point that it may not make it through another winter.

Winter’s Harsh Weather is Approaching

Roofs are designed to take on a certain amount of snow, but in some areas winter storms can dump a lot more than an old roof can handle. Heavy ice accumulation is another big issue that can overburden roof tie-ins and flashing, particularly if the shingles are already in bad shape. When ice forms along the roof line, snow ends up building up behind them, working its way under the shingles. In addition, heat coming from the attic can melt snow causing it to leak into the home. By having a new roof installed at the appropriate temperature, shingles create an airtight barrier protecting your roof and home from harsh weather. If you wait until the weather is too cold, shingles can become brittle and break.

Pests Are Looking for a Home

As the weather gets cold, pests (insects, rodents, etc.) start looking for a nice warm place to build their nests. The most effective way to keep these destructive creatures out of the attic is to have a roof that is expertly installed and sealed. All pests need is a small opening to force their way inside and they’ll cause a lot of damage in the process.

Energy Efficient

You’ll save on winter heating costs if you install a new roof in the fall because today’s roofing supplies are more energy efficient. A new roof will help keep the heat from coming in, and the cooled or heated air from escaping. If you do decide to have a new roof installed, ask the roofing company you work with about available energy-efficient upgrades

If you’ve been considering having a new roof installed, Fall is the perfect time. The last thing you want to face during the winter months is a damaged roof and needing to crank up the heat during the most frigid months.