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Attic Ventilation is as essential as any other part of your roof. Making sure that air intake and exhaust are in a perfect balance is important to get to your energy efficient home. In the winter times proper attic ventilation will result in lower chances of getting condensation in the attic or ice dams. Our company keeps up with the latest products by continually educating all of the staff members.

We use and refer to AirVent Inc when it comes to ventilation.  The ventilation system has a ratio of 2 to 1, which means 2 intakes and 1 exhaust.  The air intake comes from the soffit wholes and up it travel into the attic trying to find the first escape.  It is very important to have the exhaust are at the highest point and are all in one line, as air try to get out at the first exhaust it finds.  If, the exhaust wholes are not in one line then the air will not exhaust evenly.

Depending on the type of the roof there are different types of ventilation systems we use in order to have a perfect balance:

Intake could be – Edge Vents (are installed along the like where gutters are and where there is no soffits) and Soffit holes

Exhaust could be – Roof Vents (are installed at the highest point on the roof), Ridge Vent (are installed at the top of the roof)

Baffels (provides a channel of air flow from the intake to the exhaust)

Contact The Roof Technician and book and appointment with our roofing technician to discuss on how we could help you with your ventilation issue.